Serving The Berlin, OH Community
Since 1968
Serving The Berlin, OH Community
Since 1968
Serving The Berlin, OH Community
Since 1968
Serving The Berlin, OH Community
Since 1968
Serving The Berlin, OH Community
Since 1968
Serving The Berlin, OH Community
Since 1968
Serving The Berlin, OH Community
Since 1968
Serving The Berlin, OH Community
Since 1968
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Serving The Berlin, OH Community
Since 1968
Serving The Berlin, OH Community
Since 1968
Serving The Berlin, OH Community
Since 1968
Serving The Berlin, OH Community
Since 1968
Serving The Berlin, OH Community
Since 1968
Serving The Berlin, OH Community
Since 1968
Serving The Berlin, OH Community
Since 1968
Serving The Berlin, OH Community
Since 1968
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Station History


March 7 - A meeting was held in the Berlin Twp house to organize a group of men for fire protection in Berlin. Levi Schlabach (Millersburg fire chief) was appointed chairman pro tem. The chairman asked for nominations for President, Secretary and Treasurer. Howard Clark was elected President,- Marion Kandel elected Vice President - & Duane Miller elected Secretary & Treasurer. By vote of members present, it was decided the name of the organization shall be " Berlin Volunteer Fire Department".

Aug 25 - A motion was made to incorporate, A motion was made to use the $25.00, given by the Berlin 4-H girls to buy rope. A motion was made to let the First Aid Group take care of the matter of which ambulance they wanted. David Yoder was made Captain of that group.

Sept 16 - A special meeting was called because the firemen's coats, hats, and boots arrived. A motion was made for David Yoder to go ahead with the basement for the ambulance. Howard Clark was to check on the number 893-2222 for the fire phone.

Sept 26 - A motion was made to buy the old truck from North Lawrence for $250.00. An agreement was signed with Kidron to buy a 1955 GMC Light Rescue Truck with lights , siren & cot for $625.00. Kidron agreed the change the lettering to read " Berlin Fire Department " and delivered in 45 days.

Oct 31 - A siren was purchased and checked by Fenton Bros and put in good condition.

Nov 26 - Marion Kandel would like Captains. Vote was taken with the results (#1 Paul Yoder) (#2 Eli Hochstetler). Eli Kandel made a motion to send a check for $250 to North Lawrence and fix the old tanker. Teams were organized with territories to go door to door to get pledges to see if we could get enough support to buy a new truck.

Dec 27 - Marion Kandel was elected Chief, ( 1st Chief serving 15 yrs. 1969 - 1983), Eli Kandel was elected Asst. Chief.


Jan 30 - Our new constitution and by-laws were accepted and approved. Millersburg fire chief Levi Schlabach held discussion on how to take fire calls. The 1948 Int. fire truck from Millersburg is to be at our station by Feb 1 , 1969.

Feb 18 - A special meeting was called to discuss a new fire truck. A motion was made to order a John Bean 250F Fire Apparatus for $9438.

June 19 - A special meeting was called. Motion to have Eli Kandel order a V8 304 Int. short block @ $483. for our 1965 Int. tank truck.

Sept 25 - Motion was made to have Eli Hochstetler get title for the old tanker, Sam Troyer is to deliver tanker to Sommerdale.

October -  John Bean high pressure fire truck was put in service.

Dec 18 - Motion was made to have Dick Steimel take the GMC squad to Columbus to be sold at auction for not less than $300. as soon as new squad is in service.


Jan 2 - The farmers of Charm & southeast Berlin area asked for assistance in a fox round-up.

Feb 26 - Motion was made that the two responsible for maintenance that month are also responsible for
answering the fire phone on Sundays of that month.

May 28 - Motion was made for members to buy antique fire wagon and donate it to Berlin Fire Dept.

Sept 5 - Open house for the new Berlin fire station.


Aug 31 - It was voted in favor of running a fire truck to all accidents. If more help is needed on this type of run, than ring emergency siren again.

Oct 28 - Approved to buy first aid books for the Berlin First Aid men.


Mar 30 - Voted to buy 1 Plectron encoder for the station & 20 Model 700 receivers . ( only fire bar & siren )


Jan 2 - Motion to take new Dodge Maxi van to Braun to have squad equipment installed for $4,325.

June 20 - Emergency squadmen had their EMT exam.


May - New Engine pumper was put in service.

Aug - New Tanker was put in service.


July - New 2 story addition was built on the Berlin fire station.


May 19 - Emergency meeting was called, because the 1978 Dodge van we were using for a squad was sold by Stutzman Motors. Motion was made to purchase a 1970 Cadillac hearse for $800

Nov - Squad 51 was put in service.


A Motorola communication system was put into service including Encoder, Pagers and Radios. It was suggested we still use the siren to alert tourists of emergency traffic.


Countywide we decided on a numbering system and colors for fire depts.

Feb - 1983 Ford 4x4 truck 804 was delivered.

Our first firemen's festival was held at the Berlin School. Question was raised whether we want to have a festival again next year. It was decided to reserve the 3rd sat in July for next year's festival.

Oct - A call diverter was installed so emergency calls can also be answered at the sheriff's office. They want Berlin fire bar personnel to identify themselves if they are on the line so they know where the call is coming from. They also urged us not to speak dutch on the fire bar if at all possible.

Dec - This was the first meeting that was led in prayer. suggestion was made that we should continue with that.


Paul Yoder was chief (2nd Chief serving 6 yrs. 1984 - 1989)

Jan - Marion Kandel thanked everyone for helping over the last 15 years.

Apr 14 - Teams were selected in the county for a donkey ball game to raise funds for fireworks. Team selected ( Whitey, Lowell, Wayne & Roger ) for B.V.F.D vs. MPD.
May, Our first heart monitor was put in service on squad.


This is the first time that we use Squad Chief instead of Squad captain.


Squad personnel will now be paid $4.00 per hr for runs. It was urged to try not to ride tailboard except for 801 because of the need for a crew.


New patch / logo was designed.


Holmes County Fire Association put Air 1 in service.


We had several fundraisers (including a basketball game at Hiland were the firemen suited up) to raise funds for our first type lll ambulance that was then purchased and put in service on Oct 1 as squad 50


Lowell Kandel was chief (3rd Chief serving 1 yr 1990)

Our first paramedic

Our first defibrillator was purchased


Roger Clark was chief, (4th Chief serving 9 yrs. 1991 - 1999)


Sept - We brought to a vote several potential names for a fire district with the following results. " Berlin Community Fire District (3) Hiland Fire District (7) Berlin Fire District (5) Holmes Fire District #2 (2) Eastern Holmes County Fire District (4)

Oct - Berlin & Walnut Creek townships have passed a resolution to form a fire district and it will be called East Holmes Fire & EMS District


Our first cell phone

9-1-1 was put into service


Our first Jaws-of-life were put in service

July, New squad 51 was delivered ( converted to 806 in 2004 )


Mar 29 - We moved to the new station on County Rd 77

May - Traffic lights were installed in Berlin

Oct 11 - Open house at the new station


Jan 1 - New Engine 801 was put into service

Our first Thermal Imaging Camera was purchased

Our first annual New Year's Eve family night at the station (due to Y2K hype)


Gary Mellor was chief, (5th Chief serving 19 yrs. 2000 - 2018)

Jan - New Squad 50 was put in service


Apr - Rescue 803 was put in service

Oct - 2000 Ford Excursion was put in service as 810


July - Our first gear washer was purchased

Aug - Tanker 802 was put in service


Feb - Mako air compressor & cascade system was purchased

Aug - Tanker 805 was put in service


Jan - Squad 51 (purchased in 1995) was converted to Special Operations 806

March - New squad 51 was put in service

Nov -
Haz-Mat trailer was stocked and put in service


Sept - New 804 was put in service


July - Tower 8 was put in service


Jan - Laptops on squads for electronic patient reports


May 10 - Squad 50 ( Lifeline ) was put in service


Sept - New county wide radio system (mototrbo)

Active 911 was also activated on cell phones.


Jan - Truck 806 ( Rosenbauer ) was put in service.


Mar - Truck 810 ( 2016 Suburban was put in service )


April - Squad 51 ( Lifeline ) was put in service


John Schlabach was Chief, (6th Chief 2019 – Present)



(330) 893-2117


(330) 893-3018

Physical Address

5257 County Road 77

MillersburgOH 44654

Mailing Address

PO Box 186

Berlin, OH 44610

Fire & EMS Radio


Currently we have a full roster with 45 volunteer members. However, we are still accepting standby applications in case more positions open up.

Click here to download the East Holmes Fire employment application.

Local Weather

Partly Cloudy
6:01am8:48pm EDT
Feels like: 75°F
Wind: 5mph N
Humidity: 52%
Pressure: 30.06"Hg
UV index: 7